Friday, May 13, 2005

Beauty of Brevity

Brevity is such a beautiful thing. It reminds me of a time when I was at summer camp. I pretty much, besides a few other things, got up out of the bunk bed that I was sleeping in...I was on the top bunk because the guy sleeping under me was real short, but anyway got up and took a quick shower. I would normally try to get up early and be one of the first people to take a shower because that way I could take my time and I would be sure to have hot water because I just hate taking a cold shower at summer camps. The few times that I have taken one of the last showers at summer camp and it was like really really really cold, I always ended having a bad day. For instance, I remember one specific time when I had a bad day and I am still attributing the horrible occurrence of the day to the fact that I ended up waking up just a few minutes after the other guys and I had to wait to take my shower for like 18 minutes and by the time all of the other boys had taken their showers, the water supply for the entire camp was cold, so I wanted to shower but had to in cold water. Now that I think of it more, I guess the whole day wasn't altogether horrible. Don't get me wrong, it was a bad day. You see there was this girl. I did not really LIKE her like girlfriend type girl...granted I was still 11 or 12. I have trouble remembering my age when I experienced something. A lot of my childhood memories run together and I am unclear on the exact age I was when something happened and by "exact", I mean the age I was when did the actual number...not too specific like down to the month, but just the age. About this girl, it seems like every guy at the summer camp was talking about her like she was soooooo hot. I almost felt pressured to like her. She was really tan with blonde hair and athletic, but she just did not seem that cool to me. So I got with the 2 coolest camp counselors. One was a boy and one was a girl. I was thinking they sort of had a crush on each other. And then it was Jessica and I. Jessica was the girl that everyone thought was pretty and I did not think was very cool. So the 4 of us stayed behind one night after all the other kids went to their cabins. It was just the four of us and we all went there and started swinging on the swing as the sun set around 8:39pm. It felt like we were up there swinging until midnight, but I think we were really there for around 30 minutes. It could have been 45 minutes I guess, but I don't think the exact number of minutes officially matters. We were up there swinging and all of the other guys in my cabin knew it. It was like they automatically assumed that me and Jessica were about to become boyfriend and girlfriend, but that was just so not true. I did not like that girl like that. I could also feel the pressure from the guys 1/2 of a mile away in the cabin while the 4 of us were swinging along in the swings. I did not like this feeling and I think the whole course of my day would have changed had I gotten up earlier to take a shower before the other guys, so my water would not have been so cold. I guess that was the biggest thing that kind of made my day be not very good, and it was all because of the cold shower. The other thing was in chapel I was sitting next to this person who was a really good singer and I always wanted to be a good singer. Because I was sitting next to them, I wanted to prove to them that I was too a good singer. But for some reason, that night, I was not singing well. That was kind of sad because singing well was something that I cherished at the time. I was flat on Kumbaya My Lord, Sharp on This Little Light of Mine, and I don't think I sang one correct note on Amazing Grace(Bluegrass version). Not to mention, before that chapel, we had spaghetti, which I did not even like at the time, for dinner. I ate a little bit and I think the nasty stinky vegetables in it gave me gas. All of these things started by me waking up a little later than normal and getting those darn goose bumps. A lot of times I think life is full of revolving doors. Oh but the reason I was talking about brevity being so sweet is summer camp. I mean, generally summer camp seems like it flies by. That's sort of the beauty of it. If you were there any longer, besides the fact that the atmosphere above the boy's cabins would turn green and smell putrid, you would be exhausted. Also, you would not appreciate it as much. Knowing you only get those five days gives you a sense of urgency, so you take full advantage of every second that you are at the camp. That is what makes it so fun. Honestly, when you really sit back and think about it for a while. That is the way we should approach life. We have such a brief stay on this earth and it could easily be even briefer than we think right now. It could be regular briefs or boxer briefs or briefcases. It could be brief is really all I am trying to say. If everyone would sit back or lean forward or just stay in their usual upright position and think about the way they approached their time while at summer camp, took those sorts of ideals and life approaches and implemented them into their present day actions, life would be so bearable, so enjoyable, even fun as absolute junk. So I am pleading with you, reader....embrace brevity.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Time has wings.

Well folks, I have let this here blog get away from me. Ashley and I have been shackin up over at Meemaw's house. We have not really had much access to the internet. We are currently working on getting things straight with the new criznib, so we can chiznill on the piznorch. I wanted to touch base and let you know that it may be another 2 weeks, but I have a lot I want to tell everyone about.