Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rice Cereal Experiment

Tuesday night, the timing sort of worked out and we were able to try rice cereal. Kessler was close to being really hungry, but hadn't reached the breaking point yet. Continuing the trend, the kid was money. After putting the spoon up to his mouth three or four times, he got the hang of it and began to open his mouth as you see below.

He ate a whole bowl full, plus some. It made him happy to get some food in his belly.

Of course, we only use the "EARTH'S BEST" for our son. And, it was organic!

Let the super stinky poops begin.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kessler By The Numbers

Kessler went for his four-month appointment Tuesday. Conclusion: He's long, average weight, and has a small head, thus making his cheeks seem even more disproportionately ginormous.

Kessler by the numbers:

His weight in pounds - 15.3
His weight in ounces - 245
What my weight would be in pounds at the end of this year if I gained weight at the same rate as he - 1045
Average number of diapers used on Kessler each day - 6.5
Monthly cost of those diapers - $35.88
His length in inches - 26.5
His head circumference in inches - 16.25
Esimated number of times he smiles each day - 122
Estimated number of times he's rolled over, front to back - 9

He's graduated from a swaddle and sleeps (mostly) peacefully through the night. And I think the rice cereal experiment may start tonight. The little guy's growing up.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kessler Saying Amen

Kessler gets to be with his Lolli on Friday mornings. He's been getting more and more talkative over the past few weeks. This past Friday he was in a particularly good, and talkative, mood. Lolli was ready at the right time and captured a great moment with Kessler on video.

This makes me happy and I know it.

P.S. How 'bout those cheeks!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

love this boy.

Our friend, Kim, was keeping the little guy a few weeks ago and snapped this pic. She sent it to us in an email with only a subject line, which read: love this boy.

I agree.