Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ashley finally posts!!!!!!

After 6 years, Blake and I are each taking huge steps in our marriage. First of all, I (Ashley) am writing a blog post. No post on the blog to this point (entitled BlASH's blog), has ever been authored by the latter half of it's namesake. Sad, but true. So that's what I'm doing.

Now, if you know my blonder half, you should know that he's quite practical. Much to my initial chagrin, I have come to appreciate, nay, adore this practicality. For example, a month's supply of Pampers magically appears on our front porch the 16th of every month for a lower price per diaper than we could find at any local retailer. What? Yep. You wish your husband was so practical.

There must be a catch! Well, sometimes that practicality overrides the emotional and irrational desire you have to do something, like order an overpriced coke at dinner or send Christmas cards. Some people might say, "Why would we print pictures on paper when we have a blog to display our pictures to friends and family?"  But I, ahem, some other people, LOVE seeing the smiling faces of friends and family as they trickle into the mailbox througout December. And honestly, don't you get a little flutter in your heart when you open the mailbox to a letter hand-addressed to you? 

This year we are sending Christmas cards!  Is it because we have an incredibly adorable son whose face would look great on a Christmas photo card? Yes. But also because Shutterfly is giving us the opportunity to try the Christmas card tradition for FREE this year! We get 50 free photo cards just for posting about it! There are over 800 designs to choose from. I haven't made a decision about which one I'll choose but this is a cute one:
Shutterfly does Christmas gifts, too.  And what self-respecting grandparent wouldn't cherish a gift mug with their grandchild's picture on it? 

We know you didn't come to our blog to hear about our precious son and not see a picture, so here's a little teaser.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thanksgiving Video 2010

Forgot to post this.

It was fun to have the fam together over Thanksgiving weekend and to watch Kessler interact with all his girly cousins.