Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Call me Apollo from Rocky IV

The Mad Russian has knocked me down. Right now I feel just as I imagine Apollo Creed felt after being utterly dominated by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. I now need to morph into Rocky. Bizzle Bizzle and Tizzle did not want me to help them out as an Institutional Trust Communication Specialist. Basically came down to someone who had been doing the same position for 3 years with another company. Realistically, I figured this would be the case, but was still extremely hopeful.

I am currently imaginging myself to be Rocky, training in subzero temperatures in backwoods Russia preparing to take revenge on behalf of my buddy(whom I used to be) Apollo. If anyone has any training tips(potential job opportunities), let me know.

That's the story. I am going to keep on trying.


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