Monday, July 20, 2009

Honey Cate Is Here!

We have a new niece!

Catherine Honey Hill made her debut on July 19 weighing in at 7 Lbs. She is healthy and the baby mama, Natalie, did a phenomenal job fighting throughout the ~13 hours of labor. Drew and Natalie didn't find out the sex of the baby and they were the only ones who knew the name options up until she was born. Not knowing the name or sex really added to the anticipation of the day. Ashley and I are super pumped about another cute niece.
According to the people who are responsible for such things (pictured below), she is going to go by the name 'Honey Cate'. See if you can find that one on the Popular Baby Names List 2009 or any year before or after.
Babies are, in my judgment, the best toys ever created - even better than bouncy balls. Tonight, my parents came over and we got to do a webcam chat where we 'played' with Honey Cate and her parents all the way in Denver, CO.

We love Honey Cate!


  1. Thx Blashump! Hilarious pic...

  2. I LOVE that name! Congrats on the new little lady...she is precious. Are you guys going to find out the sex of your little one?!?!