Monday, April 19, 2010

Kessler By The Numbers

Kessler went for his four-month appointment Tuesday. Conclusion: He's long, average weight, and has a small head, thus making his cheeks seem even more disproportionately ginormous.

Kessler by the numbers:

His weight in pounds - 15.3
His weight in ounces - 245
What my weight would be in pounds at the end of this year if I gained weight at the same rate as he - 1045
Average number of diapers used on Kessler each day - 6.5
Monthly cost of those diapers - $35.88
His length in inches - 26.5
His head circumference in inches - 16.25
Esimated number of times he smiles each day - 122
Estimated number of times he's rolled over, front to back - 9

He's graduated from a swaddle and sleeps (mostly) peacefully through the night. And I think the rice cereal experiment may start tonight. The little guy's growing up.

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  1. Dear Kessler, This picture of you is adorable. Please come play and teach Emerson how to gain weight as well as you do. She's got the ginormous cheeks part down pat. You guys could have a slumber party and you could teach her how to get out of her Cozy Cocoon also. You are one precious little boy. xo, Ellen