Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Biggest Mistake of our marriage

Last night the results of Ashley's biggest mistake of our marriage were realized. 'It' was something that happened as a result of a choice she had made several weeks ago. Patty Griffin sings a song about how we as humans are fragile and must be handled with care. The name of the song is "Be Careful" and Ashley just wasn't. Ashley does not normally make mistakes of this magnitude, but several weeks ago, 'it' happened. I could not believe it whenever I found out around 7:30 last night and I have thought about 'it' many times since then. I have found it in my heart, and by the grace of God, decided to forgive her. She has since promised that she would try to never do 'it' again.

I will try to articulate exactly what happened(as best I remember) so as to try and spare all of you from making the same mistake. I guess the mistake originated about 8:15pm on a random night in early February. Ashley had to work and was going to be getting home about 7:45. I had prepared a spaghetti dinner for us to enjoy as soon as she got home. I love to make dinner for my wife and have it ready when she gets home from that long 13 hour day. We use Angel Hair pasta for our spaghetti(so I guess we actually made "Angel Hair" because isn't spaghetti just the type of noodle...I guess it has evolved to the name of a meal over time) Anyway, we use angel hair pasta. I put the noodles in to boil as soon as she got home. I realized then, we were going to be a few angel hairs short. I opened up a new box of pasta and put a few more angel hairs in the pot. I then served up an Ashley-sized portion and a Blake-sized portion promptly. We ate dinner, had a nice conversation recapping the day, and then began to clean. This is when 'it' happened. I normally wash the dishes and Ashley does the miscellaneous cleaning(wiping down the table, throwing away trash, saving unused portions, etc.) On that fateful night at about 8:15pm, after I closed up the Angel Hair box, Ashley put it in the pantry UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!

Last night, that dreadful mistake was realized. We had decided to have spaghetti, or Angel Hair if you'd like, again. Once more, Ashley had been gone over 13 hours and I was eager to have a good meal ready for her when she arrived to our humble abode. It was time for me to get the noodles out. I reached into the pantry and casually grabbed to pasta box. I lifted up the box, but the noodles did not come with it-----instead gravity grabbed hold and pulled those noodles straight through
3 flights of wired shelves plunging straight into our soup stash and the half-full Pop Ice box. I had to spend the next 13 minutes of my life making up for my wife's biggest mistake of our marriage. We discussed it, made amends, and are now more in love than ever.

Moral of the story: My wife is freakin' AWESOME!!!!



  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Blake, that is one of the greatest stories ever. I loved reading it. This blog is awesome. I wish everyone had a blog.

    Blake Hill

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, blake you had me rolling. i am finally catching up on all of these great little stories:) anyways, that is a common mistake, once it happens once-it will never happen again~meg