Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Here we go

Team Blash is excited about our relocation to the great Dash. Winston-Salem is going to hear from Blash soon, but we don't know exactly when. Our hope is to be there by the end of March, but it may be April. If you do not know where you want to settle down, consider Winston. Ashley and I would love to have more friends in Winston. Ashley will be working at Forsyth Medical center and I will be working anywhere that will hire me. We are really excited about getting back to the ole stompin' grounds. Anyone who wants to hang out...send us an email.

Also, there is a concert in Greensboro on Sat., Feb., 26th. A Michael Jackson cover band, Who's Bad (http://www.whosbadmusic.com/), is playing at McCullah Castle at 10pm. We are trying to get some folks together to go. Should be fun. I've heard they're awesome and an acquaintance of mine from high school is in the band. Check out the website and email us if you want to go.


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