Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chain Letters

Who doesn't love a good chain letter? I mean, you get the opportunity to have a profound impact on people's lives - just by forwarding on a letter.

Yesterday, I got a chain letter! The promise of financial blessings could not be more welcomed with a baby on the way, especially in this sort of economic environment. You may be wondering how I knew it was a chain letter (Actually, you probably don't really care at all and have likely stopped reading at this point). Well, the letter opened with, "Greetings! This is Not a chain letter."

Here is a list of some other phrases found in the letter that confirmed my suspicion:
  • "You will receive a financial blessing within four days of receiving this letter provided you 'pass it on'."


  • "...this letter must tour the world..."


  • "You will get a surprise!"

  • And my personal favorite: "This is true even if you don't believe in miracles."

There are too many other things to list about this letter that make it Certified Gold in the booming Chain Letter Industry.

Check it out for yourself. I'm hoping at least 20 people see this on my blog in the next 4 days and I will win the lottery, even though I don't play. With Chain Letters, all things are possible.

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  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    My wife got the same letter today the 29th of september 2009.