Monday, January 18, 2010

Sister On Haiti

Sister Abby with her boyfriend, Allan
My sister is a 2nd grade teacher in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. She walks through dirt (and mud) streets to school each morning. The power goes out in the whole town on a daily basis. Meat for sale sits on tables, uncovered, in the street. Many kids she interacts with have no toys, few clothes, and limited food options. Thus, she has a unique perspective on the disaster in Haiti.

She posted to her blog the other day about Haiti and I thought it was worth sharing here.


"...I just cannot imagine everything I know being taken from me, my family killed/injured, my home demolished, my city streets un-walkable, the hospital ruined, no power, no water….and the list continues. and I certainly cannot imagine a city/town having to recover from destruction like that, or the disease that is going to follow such a terrible disaster. I tried to imagine if something like that happened in Copan, what would the people do? It breaks my heart to think that the people in Haiti are similar to the people in Copan in terms of wealth, and just the devastation and long, long road that is ahead of them. I have questioned the Lord a lot this week on why this happened to Haiti? One of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. They already had SO little…and why this now? It just doesn’t make sense. But today, I was journaling and the Lord just reminded me that He is exactly that…the Lord. and He is in control. He knows those people. He feels for those people. He loves those people so incredibly much..."

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