Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kessler's First Lie

Our usual weekday rhythm is Ashley gets up around 6:15 to shower while I relish my last prone moments. I listen to the monitor and wait for Kessler to let us know he's tired of laying in his topless cage.

One particular morning while I'm on monitor duty, Kessler starts to fuss a little with some soft grunts and quiet squeals. Longing for a few more minutes of shut-eye, I hope and wish for him to calm on his own. Maybe one minute passes and he gets quiet. Shwew! I could finally go back to sleep. Thirty seconds of silence pass and I think I'm safe. Then, it happens.

He begins to cough as if he's a Newsie trying to sell his last pape. I give him a few measures before deciding I need to go check on him in case something is actually wrong, even though he didn't show any signs of sickness the night before. I peel myself off the mattress, shuffle into his room, slowly open the door and peek my head around the corner. As soon as our eyes meet, this is the face I see. He starts wiggling his legs and laughing. He didn't cough again for a week.
This is an actual picture from that morning. I ran and grabbed my camera. He was so cute and it was such a unique moment, I knew I needed to memorialize it. Remembering your baby's first steps is way overdone. The cool thing now is remembering your baby's first lie.

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  1. Oh how I love that little fella. Is he not the cutest little boy ever??!!! Blake, you are an amazing writer!!! Only YOU could come up with the First Lie:)!!! Love you all, Lolli