Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kid Conversations

Kid dialogue is the best.

I guess we've gotten to the age where a lot of our friends have kids. And those kids do say the darndest things. The things I laugh at the most on twitter are 140 character kid stories. Like when @sarah16 tweeted this a few days ago. Or this, when @McKieDJ was tucking his seven year old in to bed.

Then there's the kid dialogue that I get to witness in person, like when Ashley walked into the kids' classroom at church on a cold morning and was greeted by a six year old with, "Pssst. You have a red nose." Ashley couldn't quite hear her and said, "Huh?" The girl, in the loudest whisper she could muster said, "You have a red nose!"

Well one night during dinner at the beach with Ashley's family, our 2 year old niece, Livy, provided some fun kid dialogue.
She chugged her cup of water, set it down abruptly, looked at her mom and sweetly said, "More water."
Heather said, "What do you say?"
Livy said, "More water."
Heather said, "No, what do you say?"
Livy, still calm, said, "More water."
Heather firmly said, "Livy, what do you say?!"
And we all laughed uproariously.
Eventually she did say "peese" and she wasn't trying to be defiant. It was a lot of fun to watch her brain process it all. She let out the cutest giggle when we all laughed.

Kessler isn’t saying much more than “blababababwa” or “EeeeeOooo!” now, but I’m pretty excited about the endless supply of comedy he'll provide throughout his toddler and elementary school days. After that he'll probably just be annoying and have stinky armpits ( I jest. I jest).

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