Friday, May 28, 2010

Eagle Scout

Russ is an Eagle!

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in Boy Scouts. My brother-in-law, Russel Benedict Rose III, has attained that rank. I don't know much about scouting, but apparently he had to do a lot to achieve it. Thus, there was a presentation ceremony for him Saturday. His future college roommate also attained Eagle Scout and was part of the same ceremony.

Each Eagle Scout honors a "Mentor" during the ceremony, someone who has made a difference in their life and helped them earn the distinction. It came time for Russ to announce the Mentor he had chosen to honor. Russ stepped forward and said, "I don't know if people usually do this, but for my mentor I've chosen my Dad." He grinned and then Papa Rose's lachrymal glands started doing work. Russ pinned the Mentor pin on Papa Rose's collar and then there was the should-we-shake-hands-should-we-hug? moment. It didn't matter what they did. Everyone knew there was a great amount of respect both ways.

Congratulations to Russ for morphing from a regular human to a majestic winged vertebrate!

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