Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day At The Lake

To celebrate fathers and my first year having a child outside the womb when the calendar got to the Father's Day holiday, we went to my Uncle Terry's place at High Rock Lake. We jetted out of church and rolled down 52, getting there just in time for some good, ground and pattied cow muscle sandwiched between two pieces of leavened bread. 

There were, I think, 10 fathers in attendance. It was a good crowd. Kessler was in a fantastic mood the entire day, well maybe not the entire day (see last photo), but he was a ton of fun. With lots of fun people to play with including his cute cousin, Honey Cate, and a plethora of stimuli, he didn't sleep in his normal patters. He just played and smiled and played and smiled. By the end of the day he was exhausted and just conked out on my chest. I'm not normally sappy, but there was just something about watching my son have one of the funnest days of his short life; play and play and play and then see him get sleepy, pick him up, hold him close and feel his totally relaxed body press into my chest on Father's Day evening.

 My father with his grandbabies
Cute niece, Honey Cate
Playing in the baby pool
Kessler eying a ball!

Poor guy.

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