Friday, June 04, 2010

From The Bowels Of My Brain VI

It's time for. Another. Batch of unrelated thoughts. We like to call "From The Bowels Of My Brain".

Get your ski poles out.

>> People's choice of books to display on their coffee tables is fascinating.

>> I recently decided I hate drawers.

>> You know how they say to always wear clean underwear. Another way around that is to always wear brown underwear.

>> We do it so often that we forget what a delightful experience drinking milk is.

>> It's funny how saying the opposite of whatever is happening is funny.

>> Glove Compartments need a new name.

>> Can I just be honest for two seconds? A fork makes a really good head and back scratcher.

>> Nothing can unite people better than a song.

>> If you're looking for something that's consistently funny, it's hard to beat pictures of babies holding alcohol.

>> Well-told stories give you the best chance of initiating change.

>> If "Google" was instead named "Akhabbarabbadia", it wouldn't be nearly as popular.

>> Next time you hear someone say something like, "What we do do is..." immediately interrupt them and say, "You just said doodoo." and laugh like a middle school boy.

>> When a wedding officiant says, "What symbols have you brought...?", he is deceiving you. He always knows what they brought.

That's all for now. Don't do drugs.

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