Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas With The Hills

Whoops, it's February and I'm posting a Christmas post. I had this post teed up 5 weeks ago, but it slipped my mind.

For the past 5 years, the weeks surrounding Christmas have been a fun time for the Hill family. It's a small reunion. All 3 kids and any significant others come to The New Miami and we basically just hang out all the time. We mainly hang at the 'rents' house. Mom fixes a bunch of good, casseroley dishes and we play games, go on walks, watch movies, eat, listen to music, make music, eat, play games, rinse, repeat. There's a certain familiar rhythm to our time together. This Christmas, it suddenly went from a simple 3/4 meter to a compound 9/8. Two new Hills joined the fold by way of chromosomal combination. It was Kessler's first Christmas and our 5-month old Niece, Honey Cate's first Christmas. It was a new rhythm, but a welcome one. Many of the familiarities remained; the games, the laughter, the Hill Holiday Holla, the music, and, of course, the casseroles.

Many memories are made over those few weeks and I look forward to the tradition continuing for many years to come. Viva la Christmas with the Hills.

Here are some snapshots from those few weeks which include some great moments with the Roses (Ashley's family) as well.
(Hover over the picture and click the paper icon for captions.)

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