Sunday, February 21, 2010

From The Bowels Of My Brain II

And now for the second batch of "From The Bowels Of My Brain."

Let's do this.

>> The words “flammable” and “inflammable” mean the same thing: “easily set on fire”

>> "Loosen", "unloosen", and "unloose" all mean the same thing too.

>> I blame the above facts on the people of England.

>> If you're going to publicly discuss the ending of a movie, TV show, game, sporting event, court case, or similar and there is a greater than 1% chance I am not aware of the outcome, I plead with you to say or write "SPOILER ALERT" and allow ample time for me to disengage before proceeding. Thank you.

>> Soda is a dessert. And should be consumed as such.

>> Certain words are just fun to say. I really like to say "particularly". I say it like, "parTICulaurly." Try it. It's fun. And if you say it in a sentence with a British accent you sound really smart. Weird, but smart.

>> If you're reading this in August, I have no idea how you found this post and I'm sorry your life is so boring.

>> Why in the world any regular person would buy a clothes hanger is beyond me.

>> I proclaim popcorn as the most under appreciated food in America, both for its flavor/texture and the ingenuity of its creation.

>> Nilla wafers are really good too.

>> Figure Skating's prominent TV coverage is one of life's great mysteries.


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