Friday, February 05, 2010

Kessler Goes Sledding

We got some more snow here in The New Miami. Last snow, Kessler was a little too young to play in it, so we had to take advantage of the soft, white, crystallized water droplets this time around. Who knows when we'll get another snow like that again.

We put him in his toddler snowsuit, threw him on the disc sled, gave him a 1-2-3-go and off he went. He wasn't all that interested. By that I mean, he just laid there. He didn't realize he wasn't lying inside on the floor. Remember, babies are dumber than dogs.

It was fun to watch him slide down the hill on the snow. Ashley wasn't even nervous. She just smiled and waited for him to slide down to her. You can see a really boring, soundless, almost pointless, 3 second, stop-motion video of his first sled here on the Youtubes. How's that for a sales pitch? Sad thing is, now I'm thinking you're more likely to click over to the video. But now that you read that last sentence, maybe you're less likely to click over. Oh, forget it. I'm going to bed.

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