Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wolfpack or Tarheels?

So N.C. State Men's Basketball isn't having a great season. The team had a good home win over Wake Forest today to improve to 3-10 in the ACC. But, if they win the rest of their games they'll be National Champs!!!

The Tarheels, well, they're terrible this season too. Almost as bad as the Wolfpack. Victories have been tough to come by. It's now been 41 days since they've beaten any team other than the Wolfpack.

These facts have laid a general morose over the basketball season in the Hill house. Last Saturday, though, we were assured one of our teams would get a victory. We put Kessler in the "House Divided" outfit his Loli made for him and settled in for what we hoped would be a competitive game. Loli and Pops came over to watch the game (and play with their grandson). The Heels won 74-61 over the uninspired Wolfpack.

(Notice the Half UNC Half NCSU pants)

Kessler was disappointed about the loss, but not nearly as animated about it as this guy:

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