Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Livy Loves "Baby Keser"

Ashley has been back at work for several weeks now and "Aunt Bebe" has been taking care of Kessler, along with our moms and Mrs. Kim. When Kessler is with Aunt Bebe, he's also with his cousin Livy. Livy has been displaying maternal instincts for half her life.

She LOVES baby Keser.
If she hears him wake up from his nap, she'll yell from downstairs, "I'm comin' baby."
If he's fussing, and pretty much any other time, she'll grab his pacifier (she calls it a goggi) and force it in his mouth.
She'll get a diaper when Aunt Bebe is changing him.
She gives him "pat pats."
She rubs his head.
She gives him kisses.
And she's just two years old.

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