Saturday, March 20, 2010

From The Bowels Of My Brain IV

The 4th group of unrelated thoughts we like to call "From The Bowels Of My Brain."

Fasten your seatbelts.

>> The easiest way to get people to like you is to laugh at their jokes.

>> The single most underrated and under discussed aspect of winning a basketball game is scoring more points than the other team.

>> I'm thinking about growing my hair out for "Locks of Love." I'm not considering it. That just happens to be what I'm thinking about as I type this.

>> Driving to and from a friend's house 8 miles away costs you $6-8; about $.40-.50/mile.

>> Tip to avoid oversleeping: Drink a lot of water before you go to sleep. When your alarm sounds, your bladder will also be screaming at you to get up.

>> Next time you want to alert someone to the fact that the scent of their breath is irritating your sense of smell remember this: Saying "You have bad breath" is much more confrontational than saying "You got some bad breaf".

>> Do you remember when it was common to say some statement that was the opposite of what you really thought and then you would say "NOT!" immediately following it? That was funny. NOT!

>> 28 years ago today I was living in a uterus.


  1. I like uterus and basketball. Your thoughts, I mean, of course.......Sicko.

  2. totally missed your b-day. oops! happy b-day, a little late.

    even less offensive (re: bad breaf), "talk in my nose". (thanks to my brother and sister in law for that one.)