Friday, March 05, 2010

Twitter Jokes Part 1

These are the funniest, non-funny, template jokes you will ever read.

Feel free to contribute your additions in the comments. The possibilities are expansive.

A while back on twitter, a friend of mine wrote: What did one whale say to the other whale when they got to the whale party? (drum roll) "This blows."

Then he wrote: What did one stone say to the other stone when they got to the stone party? (drum roll) "This rocks."

Then he retweeted this: What did one peach say to the other peach when they got to the peach party (drum roll) "This is the pits"

Then I responded: What did one piece of poop say to the other piece of poop when they got to the poop party? (drum roll) "This stinks."

Then I wrote: What did one apple say to the other apple when they got to the apple concert? (snare tap) "This is hard core."

Then I wrote: I'm not even going to talk about what was said about the vacuum party.

Then I got carried away:

What did one sugar cane say to the other sugar cane when they got to the sugar party? (drum roll). "This is sweet!"

What did one wild pig say to the other wild pig when they got to the wild pig party? (drum roll) "This is boaring."

What did one crossdresser say to the other crossdresser when they got to the crossdresser party? (drum roll) "This is a drag."

So, any additions? I'll add some more in a separate post.

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