Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pumpkins' 60th Wedding Anniversary

As the story goes, when I was really young my Dad's parents would often say, "Hey there, Pumpkin" to me a lot. So much so that I just started calling them Mamaw and Papaw Pumpkin. Even today, I have their phone number programmed into my cell phone as "Pumpkins."

Last Sunday we met the whole family in Concord to celebrate the Pumpkins' 60th Wedding Anniversary. 60 years of marriage says a lot of things: you've likely been alive for 80 years or more, you've spent about 75% of your life married to the same person, you're really patient, you're really committed, and you love each other. It's an occasion worthy of celebration.

CONGRATULATIONS Mamaw and Papaw Pumpkin!

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  1. Kessler is looking so big!!! Look at those precious cheeks!